HW for next week [presentations] (A, H)

A Block will present Monday 9/12; H Block will present Tuesday 9/13.

Group Presentations on The Other Wes Moore

For this assignment, you will work together in groups to create a discussion presentation to the class. As a group, you will point us to a specific page from your assigned section in The Other Wes Moore and explain your take. This will be done in a full class discussion setting, with everyone sitting in a large square (as opposed to presenters standing at the front of the room).

In selecting your one page to present, consider what makes one page of a book stand out from another. Perhaps something interesting is happening with the author’s style or language. Perhaps there is a crucial moment for one of the characters. You could also consider which page is the most “eye-opening.” Perhaps the page addresses an important issue that everyone should know about. Whatever reason your group chooses, the approach must be thoughtful.

Each group member will have a specific role. Decide within groups who will do what.

Role 1: Begin the presentation. Introduce your group members to the class. Tell us which page to turn to. Provide a brief summary of the context for your page. What’s been happening leading up to this moment?

Role 2: Read most of the page out loud (choose the relevant chunk). Start and end with a full sentence. Then, point to some specific elements from the passage that we should pay extra attention to.

Role 3: Explain the importance of this passage. What makes it so crucial for understanding the larger themes and messages in this book? (share this role in a group of five)

Role 4: Provide some discussion questions. Explain how your group arrived at these questions. Look for hands and start a mini-discussion.


Make sure you are able to communicate outside of school as group members.

Presentations should each be approximately ten minutes.

A Block will present Monday 9/12; H Block will present Tuesday 9/13.


Group 1: Fathers and Angels (3-62): Wes 1 (Author)

Group 2: Fathers and Angels (3-62): Wes 2

Group 3: Choices and Second Chances (65-122): Wes 1 (Author)

Group 4: Choices and Second Chances (65-122): Wes 2

Group 5: Paths Taken and Expectations Fulfilled (125-183): Wes 1 (Author)

Group 6: Paths Taken and Expectations Fulfilled (125-183) Wes 2