HW for next week [writing] (A, H)

On Education

In The Other Wes Moore, the author describes many of the positive impacts of an academic environment.

We can use nonfiction storytelling too to express what we value and what interests us in school.

For this assignment, you will describe your learning style by recounting a memorable, positive and constructive lesson or assignment from a previous English or Social Studies class.

“Zoom in” on it. Be specific in your account. Your range should be from Grade 6 to 9.

Consider the following questions. Simply answering some of them in full sentences could provide you with a workable outline.

  • What was the lesson/assignment about?
  • What unit was it part of?
  • What about it was effective?
  • How was it structured and delivered?
  • What did this teacher do well?
  • Why did this unit/lesson/assignment engage you?
  • Why has this lesson stuck with you?

These questions above should help you brainstorm, but you do not need to answer all of them. Your response should not read like a monotonous list of attributes. The primary goal of almost any piece of narrative writing is to engage the reader.

You may employ more than one type of writing for this assignment. You will probably use a blend of expository, descriptive, narrative and personal writing. Spelling and grammar conventions apply, but feel free to use first person voice and past tense. This is nonfiction, but it is not a formal essay.

Consider your audience. You are sharing this with a teacher, not your lunch table. Consider your submission a public piece of writing.

Suggested length: about 1 page, double spaced

Due 9PM Thursday, 9/15 via Turnitin