Essay Resources + HW and Discussion Questions for Monday (B, C)

The slideshow for essay brainstorm help: essay-brainstorming

Discussion topics to think about:

  • Compare and contrast London and the Savage Reservation
  • The emerging role of Shakespeare
  • Continuing character development (significance of names?)

Homework for Monday:

Read over the quotes/pieces of evidence in this document. This is to be prepared for the group activity on Monday, the instructions for which have also been included for context:


The quotations and references provided come from an essay (the entirety of which we will read soon) that presents a position about George Orwell’s 1984 and how we should be considering it.

Your task, in groups:

  • Put the cut-up quotations and references in what you think to be a sensible order; glue them in that order onto the large paper; be prepared to discuss why that order matters to your group’s conclusions about this essay
  • Label each reference the writer uses (literary allusion/reference, historical context, direct quotation, paraphrase)
  • Considering the myriad pieces of information the writer employs, arrive at what his purpose is in this article and what the argument or position is; write a potential thesis statement now that you have assessed the evidence