Poetry due Monday (A), Tuesday (H)

Place Poetry

Due: Monday 2/6 (A Block)

Tuesday 2/7 (H Block)

For this poem, consider a few approaches. Think of this assignment as a mixture of the following:

  • describing a place (what is it like there?)
  • a “how to” guide for a place (what should you do there?)
  • describing a journey (what’s it like on the way there?)
  • navigation (how do you get there?)


What are the details that make a place special and unique?

How do you get to a specific place?

How is a journey just as interesting as a destination?

What do you see along the way?

What do you see when you arrive?

How does your mindset change crossing from one place to another?

What advice would you give other travelers?

How can you inform a reader about something or somewhere?

Materials from class:

Google Maps Tools

Place Poems