Writing response due Monday 2/13 (B, C)

Identify a work of art of any genre or medium (literature, music, film, etc.) that is impactful and beautiful. Perhaps this work…

  • tells an important story
  • gives us new things to think about
  • imparts wisdom
  • helps us navigate the world
  • communicates a profound message
  • is especially inspiring and beautiful
  • articulates something especially true or complex

Describe the work you have selected. What about it is compelling? In this process, you could describe the artist’s process behind the work as well. Perhaps the artistic technique is revolutionary. For example, you could write about Picasso and his artistic approach in additional to one of his paintings specifically.

Select something that you already know well and that has impacted you in a meaningful way. Be prepared to share your ideas with the class, if not the whole piece of writing.

Length: Approximately one page
Due: Monday, February 13th by 9PM on Turnitin (bring a hard copy to class on Tue/Wed)