Final Project Resources (A, H)



Here is the main project document: Audio Project Assignment

The calendar for the rest of the year is here: Calendar

Finally, the rubric is here: Rubric



We will start listening to an episode of This American Life in class. The episode is available HERE.

The script for the episode is here: Notes on Camp Script

We will also be listening to a model made by teachers a few years ago. That is available here: The Hero’s Journey


Here is a tutorial video Mr. Baker and Mr. Del Nero made: TUTORIAL

-Make sure you save your work in GarageBand. I recommend saving the BAND file on a flash drive. If you save it to a school computer, make sure that you were logged in under your name and/or that you make a note of the computer number.

-If your raw audio file does not work in GarageBand, try converting it to MP3.

-If you have any GarageBand issues, I recommend doing some Google searches. There are lots of tutorials and troubleshooting sites out there.